Highland Park
Neighborhood Association, Inc
 3578 Hartsel Dr. E 324
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Your Board of Directors (BOD) and all committees are volunteers.  Help and cooperation is always greatly appreciated.  If you feel that you can contribute and wish to volunteer for a committee, Please contact that committee at the email listed below.


Per the ByLaws, the Board of Directors (BOD) has the responsibility of the keeping of corporate and financial records of the HPA. The BOD “shall fix, change or amend the annual dues and assessments as required to provide the association with sufficient operating capital”.   Our accountant for many years, James Ferrier, has been a valuable volunteer.  James took some time off.  Hopefully, he will return to help.

 Committee Members:  

 (Your Name Here!)       has volunteered to take over the Finance Committee duties.   Thank you, !!  

Tel:                            Email: 

Withdrawals of funds over $500 require the signatures of two directors.  An operating budget is maintained and the financial statements (profit & loss, and balance sheet) are published a minimum of quarterly.  See Financials.   The cash assets are held in a daily cash fund for current operating expenses and in longer term investments.  The responsibility of investment is protection of principal, while seeking a decent yield.

See Unrecorded Rules and Regulations:  Investment of Funds Policy.


Per Paragraph 1 of the Declaration of Protective Covenants

                                                                     The intent of  these covenants is to preserve Highland Park as an exclusive, high quality 
                                                               residential area of lasting value…Property owners in Highland Park must be people who 
                                                               value quality, who will respect, uphold and observe the letter, and who are willing to share 
                                                               equitably and pay the expenses of legal enforcement, if  necessary.”

 Committee Members:


719                  hm   Email:                     @highlandpark-colorado.com 


Please contact a Board Member or a Covenant Compliance Committee member by email.  It will be helpful for a complainant to review the Covenants, and Policies and state exactly what rule is believed to be in need of enforcement.  An overwhelming majority of our owners understand and support the intent of our covenants.  The responsibility for enforcement rests solely with the individual property owners.  The ACC and BOD are the appointed and/or elected representatives of the owners and must cooperate with and support their decisions.  To that end, the ACC and the BOD may act to enforce the covenants.  To act in ways that are transparent and equitable, the BOD has developed written policies that deal with enforcement of our covenants and rules.
See Unrecorded Rules and Regulations:  Covenant and Rule Enforcement Policy, Collection of Fines Policy, Alternative Resolution Policy.
                                It is the intention and desire of the committee members to act in all ways fair, reasonable and with respect.


This committee oversees email, mail, and web posting communications to the members. It also coordinates any association activities to   welcome new members, supports the Annual Meeting, and facilitates other connections among members.
 Committee Members:

Tel:                   Email:                             @highlandpark-colorado.com
·  We need volunteers to welcome our new neighbors.
·  Marge Shuger maintains the association website, www.highlandpark-colorado.com
Tel: (719)641-3841   Email:      margeshuger@highlandpark-colorado.com




The Maintenance Committee has the responsibility to maintain as well as improve our common areas.  This includes the trail system, fences, round abouts (which are actually DOT rights of way, but we have an agreement to maintain them), the entrance signs, the grassy properties outside the perimeter fences, and Tracts A and B.  This is a big, and expensive, job!  Additional volunteers to help are needed.

Contact the Maintenance Committee:                      


The Government Affairs Committee has the responsibility to monitor National, State and County governments (Planning Commission, County Commissioners, etc., legislation) as well as outside lawsuits and opinions that may affect the subdivision and/or affect how the Board of Directors governs the Association.

Committee Members: To be announced.  In need of volunteers!!

If there is someone interested in keeping tabs on this type of information, please let us know how you would like to help!