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This plat map shows Filings 1 and 2 which make up
Highland Park Neighborhood Association.
The area outlined in red is Filing 3, which is not a
part of our association at this time.


The Highland Park Neighborhood Association, Inc. (HPA) is a non-profit corporation which exists to promote the common good and welfare of the ownership interest in the Highland Park Subdivision.

The HPA is currently governed by five Directors. Membership of owners is mandatory, with each property receiving one vote. Dues (plus trash pickup) are paid annually. Dues from inception through 2016 had been $200.00 per year, with a needed raise to $295.00 starting January 2017. In 2006, the Association members voted for, and the Board of Directors negotiated, a significant benefit for the membership in the form of trash collection as a annually-paid service with dues (at approximately $120 per year per lot in 2019). Trash pickup is currently on Thursday (trash to be out by 7AM) and supplied by Waste Management.



Highland Park is a covenant protected community of approximately 158 lots, located two miles north of Woodmen Road between Black Forest and Vollmer Roads (entrances are on each road). The homesites are all about 2.5 acres in size, making them the last of the large acreage estate-sized home sites this close to the City of Colorado Springs.

Most lots have stunning views of the Front Range mountains, while being only minutes from town. Some lots border the Cottonwood Creek greenbelt with its lake (which is common area for the owners association).    Lots are served by underground electric, gas and phone and utilize individual wells and septic systems. A non-motorized trail system has been constructed, linking filings 1 and 2.                                                                    Carefully crafted protective covenants, policies and a homeowner association (HPA) exist to protect values.                                     


HISTORY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Highland Park was assembled and developed by Little London, LLC. Two parcels of land were combined to create the community. The area that is now Filing One was bought from Saudi interests, who acquired the land as part of the Banning Lewis Ranch from the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) after Frank Aries went bankrupt in the 1980s. The Ranch was the single largest asset handled by the RTC.

The land East of Cottonwood Creek was previously owned by Mark Wild, and was used for years as the Black Forest Gliderport. Later Wild sold the land to Frank Aries, but Wild got it back after Aries’ bankruptcy, and sold it to a principal in Little London. Portions of the old runway could still be seen running N-S in Filings 2 and land to the north which is now Highland Park 3 – a separate development owned by Litlle London, LLC. Also, here and there on the property one may find an old concrete slab or tie downs where a hanger or plane parking spot was located. The buildings that were in Highland Park 3 housed the flight operation center, and served as a clubhouse and sleeping accommodations for any pilots who stayed overnight.

Except for Tract D at the south end of Ben Tirran Ct., which is still owned by Little London, LLC, all lots
have been sold to individual owners and the original developer, Little London LLC, has no controlling
interests except as an individual landowner. 

 FILING HISTORY OF HIGHLAND PARK FILINGS 1 and 2                                                                                                

Filing 1: Highland Park has been developed in Phases or Filings. Filing 1, consisting of Lots 1-52, inclusive, and Tract A (lying North of the Briargate Parkway right-of-way), and lies west of Cottonwood Creek. Tract A is a small parcel that was separated from the rest of the property by the County-mandated dedication of the Briargate Parkway road right-of-way. It is now owned by the HPA and could be a future site for an augmentation well (if needed).

Filing 1-A: After recording the Filing 1 plat, an engineering change was made which required replatting the N-S drainage area which runs from Briargate Parkway south through Filing 1. Large portions of the drainage were excavated, and rock and landscaping fabric were installed prior to final grading and reseeding to ensure stabilization of the drainageway. This change affected Lots 4, 5, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 33, 34, 39, 40, 45, and 46. While the boundaries of each lot remained unchanged, the location of the large drainage easement was altered slightly on each affected lot. This replat is called Highland Park Filing 1A.

Filing 1B, is simply a replat of Lots 16 and 17 in Filing 1. This replat adjusted the lot line between the two lots to satisfy the County with regard to the minimum front building setback.

Filing 2: In 2003, the plat for Filing 2 was recorded. Filing two consists of Lots 53-119, inclusive, and Tracts B, C and D. Lots 53-59 are located West of Cottonwood Creek, and the rest are East of the creek. Tracts B and C are now owned by the HPA. Tract C runs from the Forestgate bridge north to the easement for a future Briargate Parkway – about where the dam is located and includes our pond.
Tract B includes Cottonwood Creek and a narrow area on either side (south of the Forestgate bridge).

Tracts B and C are the Cottonwood Creek open space, which are owned by the HPA. El Paso County will have a public trail easement through these Tracts to eventually connect their envisioned Cottonwood Creek regional trail to the County-wide Santa Fe Trail system.

Tract D at he south end of Ben Tirran Ct. is reserved as possible future road right-of-way for Research
Parkway and is owned by Little London, LLC. If not so used, it will be replatted as a residential lot and
sold as such. The Research Parkway alignment has not been finalized by the County, so there is no
way of knowing with certainty whether or not Tract D will be affected.

 HIGHLAND PARK 3                                                                                                                                                                    

“Highland Park 3” was developed by Little London LLC. If Little London requested that it be Filing 3 for Highland Park, it would require annexation and approval from the HPA homeowners in Filing 1 an 2 for a covenant amendment. There may be plans being discussed for this to occur.
It’s access is via the north end of Lochwinnoch Ln. and Poco Rd. which connects to Vollmer. 


Follow this link to our Highland Park
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BRIARGATE PARKWAY DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                     Little London, LLC has said in the past that they have no plans to build any of Briargate Parkway, and will fight any request to do so. 60-120 feet of right of way for the road has or will be granted to the County in each filing, so that if and when the County deems it necessary, the road can be built.
Currently, the County would have to acquire right of way from multiple other property owners in order to get the full 120 feet of right of way it desires. There are large parcels of undeveloped land to the east of Highland Park 3 that the County would have to get right of way from in order to build a road that goes anywhere. If it does not go anywhere to the east of Highland Park 3, there is no reason to build it in
Highland Park Filing 1.

The portion of Briargate Parkway constructed from Black Forest Rd. east gives the subdivision to the north, Eagle Wing Estates, a second access to Black Forest Rd.