Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
Colorado Springs, CO
Documents" and the "Checklist" for a complete submission.

An important function of the HPA is to review and approve architectural submissions.
Ensuring that construction complies with the covenants is a major factor in maintaining
property values.

Committee Members:
Jeff Irwin
Tel:  719-533-0763 hm     Email:
Jeff Irwin
Mark Waller
Tel: 719-292-1292 cell      Email:  
Mark Waller
Mark Strub
Tel: 719-596-1898 hm      Email:  
Mark Strub

Hand Delivery of Plans:
Call any ACC Member to coordinate delivery of request.

The Architectural Committee has up to 30 days to review complete submissions, but
usually makes a decision in less time.

Helpful Documents:
Architectural Design and Requirements (Para. 9 Covenants)
Landscape Reference Policy
Energy Device Policy          

Following is a CHECKLIST for architectural submissions:
1.   Fully completed Submittal Form. Submit electronically to Jeff Irwin:
Link to:  ACC Submittal Form  
2.   Scaled site plan drawing showing location of all present and proposed structures or
improvements (buildings, fences, play sets, landscaped areas, etc.).
Submit one paper
and an electronic copy.  If on a large piece of paper, do not give us portions.  Go
to a document scanner at Fedex copy center (for example) to copy to a file or to a 8.5 x 11
size that can be scanned on home equipment.
If the request is for a home or detached garage or fencing, the proposed location of the
structure must be staked out on the lot.
In the case of submitting a landscape plan, the site plan should show the proposed
landscape plan relative to other structures.   
If a home is being proposed, the site plan should show the driveway location, proposed
surface (asphalt or concrete), culvert size (with flared ends) and proposed culvert
headwall treatment.

A set of scaled architectural drawings (blueprints) with plan, elevations, and
construction details. This is for new home construction, additions, and detached
Submit one paper set of plans and one electronic set.
# Roofing sample or brochure showing type of shingle and color
# Paint chip-body color
# Paint chip-trim color
# Exterior material samples (brick, stucco, stone, siding, etc.). Note: approximately 25% of
the front of the house must have stone, brick or stucco (some masonry material that is
different from the rest of the exterior--no all stucco homes).  

Application fee of $200.00 required for new homes.  
Fee schedule for smaller submittals will be published when ready.

 ALL documents, including plans, are to be submitted electronically.  Please
submit one set of paper site plans and construction plans to an ACC
Member.  Scan brochures.  Color brochures may be better to submit on paper
as well - the colors are more "true" than on a computer.

All paper plans and actuals samples (roofing, brochures) will be returned after
project is complete.